Tarot for the week ahead, 23.1.22

Cards from the Commonplace Tarot

Last Monday’s full moon felt like a tough one, to me at least, so I’m not altogether surprised to see the Moon show up in this week’s reading.

This week, we may all be feeling the lunar uncertainty quite strongly: that sense of things that are hidden, unsaid, lurking in the shadows. The Ten of Wands reminds us how hard this kind of uncertainty can be to carry, how heavy our mental burdens can be. It may all be feeling like a bit Too Much.

There’s hope, though. If we can relax enough to lay our burdens down for a while, the Fool will allow us to start over with much less to carry and with renewed optimism for the path ahead. The Fool is a hopeful card, a reminder not to dwell too long on the heavy stuff. We can always begin again. Let’s keep that close to our hearts over the coming days.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 16.1.22

Cards from the Zillich tarot

As we begin the week with a full moon in Cancer, we have some tricky feelings to negotiate around failure. Discs are cards of manifestation relating to the material or financial world, so we may feel that we are wanting in physical or fiscal terms: or we may be allowing our fear of failure to prevent us from moving forward in a practical sense. Whatever the reason, the path appears beset with thorny obstacles.

The High Priestess is the key to finding our way out of the thicket. Our inner resources, intuition and subconscious voice – the knowing in the stillness – are what we need. I feel like that’s something I probably say a lot in these readings… but if we’re honest, how many of us regularly squash that inner voice because we dare not allow ourselves to trust it, or because we feel like all the external noise is what we should be listening to? Too many, too often, is my guess. We need reminding not to do that. Pause. Listen in stillness.

And if we do? The Two of Wands is the energetic push we need to make it through the tangle and back to a clearer, brighter path. It’s our promise of better energy to come.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 9.1.22

Cards from the Wild Unknown tarot

A nice clear message this week. Listening to our inner voice and utilising our intuitive capacity is a priority – but we require space and stillness in order to do so effectively (it is January and this is definitely a recurring theme!). If we do this successfully, the Father (aka King) of Wands suggests that we will be at the top of our game in terms of having the energy to translate our will into action.

Or to put it another way – if we take the time out to understand what is required, we stand a good chance of getting it.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 2.1.22

Cards from the Wildwood Tarot

Happy New Year, friends, and well done for making it through the last one!

To begin this tarot year we have a firm reminder of what winter is for. It might be unusually mild just now but this is the season for dormancy in nature; rest and reflection should be on our minds too. There is always the temptation with January to throw ourselves into activity, filling the post-Christmas void with promises of distraction, adventure, travel to come. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, of course, but this reading cautions against haste.

Dream a little, make cunning plans, sure… but if we wish to keep our balance, honour the solitude of the Hooded Man and take enough time to look inward in stillness. After the bustle of Christmas and new year, a little quiet time will do us all good.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 26.12.21

Cards from the Field tarot

It’s not often I’ve found the current pandemic at the forefront of a weekly reading, but I think this reading speaks to our general circumstances now, as the latest Covid variant is making its presence felt, and also how we respond to them.

We need, as uncertainty increases, to consider our plans carefully. What is most important to us? Additional fortitude is likely to be required to deal with the challenges and choices before us. Risk assessment is a rather clinical way of putting it where emotional choices are concerned: many of us want to connect with family and friends during this holiday season, more so than ever after a difficult couple of years, yet we find ourselves again having to balance this against keeping ourselves and each other safe. How each of us respond is a matter for careful consideration as the year draws to a close.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 19.12.21

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot

As we reach the Winter Solstice this week, here is a reminder of the cycles at work around us with the Waning Gibbous Moon (as it is right now and will be on the Solstice itself) at the centre of our reading.

Preceding the waning three-quarter moon we have the Three of Pentacles. What this tarot’s creators refer to as, er, a ‘stone totem’ is a symbol of the potential for creation and actualisation. Threes are a move towards making something happen, a foundation upon which to build: we are encouraged to consider the groundwork we have done prior to the Solstice for physical or material changes to come in the approaching new year. It’s possibly stretching the metaphor a bit, but think of how gardeners ‘put a garden to bed’ for the winter – as the days grow shorter they protect tender plants, tidy and make ready for the cold months. So it is, hopefully, with us.

What comes after the Solstice is the chance to enjoy the fruits of that groundwork. As the days begin to slowly lengthen again, we should be our own King Of Pentacles – a provider and skilful manager of resources. We may need to be careful with our energy to protect those resources, both physical and material – it is midwinter after all, and new challenges are not in short supply at the moment – but this King tells us we are capable of that. Spring will come and we will get there if we use our energy wisely in the meantime.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 12.12.21

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

Oof. Some serious energy at work this week.

The Eight of Cups is lit by a solar eclipse, echoing the recent eclipse we saw on the new moon. It reminds us that the month began with a watershed, a need to leave behind what is no longer required. Have we, it asks, fully processed this in order to move onwards?

The Hanged Man and Two of Swords, meanwhile, tell us we are squarely moving into the territory of inner work as we approach the Solstice. They speak of considering our perspectives, of carefully examining what we see, how and why. Look at the reflection in the water on the Two and ask yourself – are the dark figures around her real, or imagined? What if the stillness she seeks in order to find clarity requires a radically different perspective, a turning on her head?

This week, consider how your own perspective needs to change. Are you operating on fact or feeling, and are you entirely sure which is which? Can you see both sides of the issues that are foremost for you at the moment? How will you find the place of stillness you need in order to know whether you are on the right path?

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 5.12.21

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

Another Ace for this week’s new moon: one that speaks of creative potential and the opportunity to renew (or discover!) our sense of purpose, to operate from what lies within our hearts.

There are qualifiers to get us there, however. The Nine of Staffs speaks of necessary sacrifice and of purifying flames. We may have to experience the discomfort of very consciously letting go of things, ideas, even passions that no longer serve us. The Lady of Swords tells us to communicate this eloquently where needed: to use whichever medium will most appropriately deliver the message.

So this week, be prepared to speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Your heart will thank you for it.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 28.11.21

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

Hmm. A short and sweet reading for this week, I think.

A short-term phase is coming to a close (Four of Wands) and there is a spark of potential, inspiration, even passion in the air: something new and illuminating (Ace of Wands). What is it? You’ll have to wait until after the new Moon early this coming Saturday to find out.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 21.11.21

Cards from the Zillich tarot

It feels like a lot of people are struggling recently. Much-reduced daylight hours, a lingering pandemic and 18-plus months of uncertainty have created some deep undercurrents of change and questioning. This reading seems like a reflection on how those things are affecting us all.

We have, this week, to contend with the mental and emotional challenges that beset us on both sides: anxiety and a tendency to give ourselves a hard time on the one hand, the feeling of stuckness – plus the resulting desire just to stop the world and take some time out when things get tough – on the other. What we are encouraged to try to keep at the centre of it all is ‘virtue’ in terms of our sense of purpose, our honesty (with ourselves and others, regarding our needs and limitations) and our strength of character.

In essence, we might need to give ourselves a loving pep talk this week; gee ourselves up a little. It’s good to acknowledge the difficulties we face, and we shouldn’t try to pretend they don’t exist, but it’s also good to be reminded of our own agency. There are things we can do to take care of ourselves (we were reminded of that last week!) and we may need to help ourselves out by spending some time on those things now. We’ll thank ourselves for it later.

Have a good week and stay safe x