Tarot for the week ahead, 2.1.23

Cards from the Zillich tarot

There’s a watery full moon coming this week – the first of the year. Emotions could easily be running high. Our first reading of the year is a cautionary one in this respect. If you’ve been nurturing hurt feelings or disappointment towards someone, these could be undermining the harmony and equilibrium of your relationship as well as preventing you from moving fully forward.

The Moon reminds us that what’s in the shadows is as important as what’s illuminated, so look carefully at what you may have hidden away and be frank with yourself. Are your expectations realistic? Have you been honest with people of late about how you feel? Do you really know what’s going on in their lives right now? Give yourself the best chance of arriving at the weekend without your disappointments in tow by thinking hard on what it is you need – and resolving to achieve it through positive communication.

Have a good week and stay safe x