Tarot for the week ahead, 26.9.21

Cards from Pamela & Joyce Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit

Ooh, this looks like quite a powerful week!

This reading speaks strongly of insight. The Two of Wind – aka Swords – is a pause, a moment of calm and consideration before deciding what comes next. The Magus is our Will, our ability to move in the external world to make whatever it might be, happen. Strength is our inner voice, the heart connection that not only tells us what it is we truly desire (not what we think we should want), but reminds us that we’ve got this, however tough it gets.

So, not to embroider when it isn’t needed… this week, think, plan, act and have faith in yourself. Trust that you know what you need and how to make it happen. You might not feel like it all the time but you, friend, are a badass. Go get it.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 19.9.21

Cards from the Wildwood tarot

Look who’s back! I don’t think I’ve known a card recur like this any other time for as long as I’ve been doing these weekly readings. I guess we really are at the beginning of something significant just now.

The thing is that beginnings are daunting, aren’t they? Trusting in the future, believing that we have the power to turn the wheel in our favour – literally weaving our own fate. Interestingly, the Wildwood tarot explicitly identifies The Wheel with the autumnal equinox, coming up this Wednesday: I’ll let you decide for yourself if you think that’s a coincidence…

But, back to beginnings. When we embark on something new – committing to stepping out onto the rainbow – it’s natural to feel vulnerable. The Four of Stones feels like really quite a powerful message that we are protected in our endeavours: that even if we struggle to find our feet straight away, there will be a safe place for us to go to recharge when we need it.

Perhaps it’s the imminent full moon, but these cards resonated really strongly with me tonight and the ultimate message for me is – it might be challenging, but it will be OK.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 12.9.21

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

No Fool today! Something quite different in store. This week is about finding middle ground: a careful, considered alchemy is required.

The two Sword cards are perhaps the least challenging in a suit full of potentially difficult mental and emotional issues, and that’s certainly a welcome thing: but if we are wise, we will not rely too heavily on the breathing space they signify. They should encourage us to use that space to think on the areas in our lives where balance is needed, because their respite – however propitious – is usually temporary. There is always something around the corner!

That’s where Art (or Temperance in many decks) comes in. It’s is something of a ‘coming together’ card – a sign of things falling into place – but not necessarily without our input. We can capitalise on its positive influence by employing a little subtlety. Look for those instances where a pinch of this, a little more of that, might smooth out the mixture: think about what’s liminal, in-betweenish, for you at the moment and look into that space more deeply to see how you might best navigate it.

It feels to me like there’s magic in this reading. A pause to recalibrate and a chance to conjure something quite special out of the stillness. Let’s see what emerges from the crucible…

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 5.9.21

Cards from the Zillich tarot

Ah. A fourth Fool in a row! Those who know me well will understand why I laughed as I turned these cards over. I always pull with a general weekly reading in mind: but sometimes the tarot sits me down, stares hard and bids me listen. It’s one of those weeks…

The message is a really simple one for any and all of us, though. Whatever journey or new endeavour you are currently embarking on – take the Fool’s open, curious and trusting energy with you. The Nine of Swords is a clear warning not to stress and give yourself a hard time while you’re learning. Why? Because it’s all going to work out OK. That’s what the Sun comes out to tell us.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 30.8.21

Cards from the Field tarot

Well! Anything about this look familiar? For the third week running, the Fool, and the King of Wands also returns from last week.

I’ve certainly considered the possibility that there is a message we are not fully taking on board (and I very much include myself in that ‘we’ – no reader is infallible!) in connection with the energy those two cards presented last week. However, given that the Fool has reappeared for a third time here, I’m inclined to think we’re more likely looking at a pattern, an unfolding story as we move into the new phase that the Fool brings.

I’m also struck that for the second week in a row, our final card is a naked figure. I think we’re being prodded quite strongly to shed the metaphorical clothing that we don’t need any more. If we are protecting ourselves by hiding, dressing ourselves up in the ways we think others want to see us, then we are not really engaging with the vulnerability we may need to be in touch with at the moment.

I also wonder if this is why the Six of Wands has joined this week. To remind us that we’ve come to where we are on the back of our previous achievements: we’ve done well, we can remind ourselves that we’re extremely capable. We have it within us to shine. It’s the bravery to step into the new that we need to summon next.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 22.8.21

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

Well. Here’s an interesting thing. Back in July we had the King of Wands show up immediately after the full moon to herald Leo season – and now here he is, immediately after another full moon, as Leo is about to give way to Virgo.

I think he’s here to invite us to look back over the past month and consider what we’re taking with us as the moon begins to wane (and what we’re leaving behind). Given that his fiery energy relates strongly to enthusiasm and passion – ask yourself what you have been doing to pursue your passions this last few weeks. Have you been decisive, charismatic, driven? Or has his shadow aspect reflected where you’ve been at? If so you may have been in self-destructive mood, looking for others to blame for issues or lack of progress.

Why does this matter? Because here is the Fool, for the second week running. The energy around us is still strongly aspected for beginnings or leaps of faith. This Fool, in her tattered clothes, shares with the King of Wands a willingness to go against the grain, stand out, defy convention. She acts in her own interest and invites us once more to be brave enough to do this too – but, as with the King, her shadow aspect warns against the blithe avoidance of personal responsibility. Adventure by all means, but be wary of using your passions as a means to ignore reality!

And the Star – well, I always do a happy sigh when this card arrives. It’s a joyful, expansive card, full of happiness and possibility. She is unselfconsciously naked, comfortable in her skin and connected to the world around her. If we can channel that Wand fire and the Fool’s fresh energy in positive ways this week, the Star promises us that good things will follow.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 16.8.21

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

Ooh, a Fool week! That’s exciting.

Look at where the fox is lurking, set back from the remainder of the blades, on the Seven of Swords. On this occasion I think we are the fox: we’re invited to consider what we are holding back, and why. Are we stuck, like the rest of the swords, half-submerged in the ground?

The craftsman in the Eight of Coins is engaged in a repetitive process. Work, work, work. Sure, practice makes perfect: but sometimes we need a little play to offset the work. Are we using habits as an excuse to avoid doing other things?

And then there’s the Fool. Blindfold and about to head down the rabbit hole, he is off on a new adventure. There’s always a leap of faith involved where the Fool is present: a push to step into the unknown.

So, this week we might have to challenge ourselves a little. We might be clever, we might be skilful, but we can get into a rut where we make excuses as to why that means we should stay exactly where we are, doing the same things, over and again. The Fool says: no. Come with me. Let’s explore.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 8.8.21

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot

A short, sweet and clear reading on the day of this month’s new moon.

Following on from last week’s mental balancing act, the Four of Cups speaks to the necessity of time out and contemplation. The dark moon is good time for this kind of work, and personally I find that I often go deeper into reflection around this time. It can be a good opportunity to pull out any thoughts or feelings that need examining or working through, and we may have found ourselves deep in thought this weekend.

And the results of any checking in that we have done, or are in the midst of? Use it to refocus. As the new moon waxes, be sure you are still clear on what you want and what you’re doing to get there. Adjust your plans, juggle your schedules if you need to, keep an eye on matters both spiritual and material. The Magician and Temperance are here to give an extra boost to our sense of balance in both spheres this week. Make the most of that energy!

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 1.8.21

Cards from the Wildwood tarot

Mmm, this one has made me think.

The Nine of Arrows is the Wildwood equivalent of the Nine of Swords, which is often a card about anxiety or obsessive thinking. It’s true that our lady here is lost in thought, playing her bow like an instrument while arrows fly past her. She encourages us, I think, to be mindful of what we give our attention to this week – there is value in close focus, but few of us can repel arrows purely by the strength of our concentration!

The King of Arrows also has lessons about focus. Kingfisher watches and waits for the right moment before diving for his catch. He is disciplined and discerning. He cuts to the heart of things in a flash.

The Queen of Bows (Wands in the conventional suits) on the other hand is commanding in other ways. Hare has magical associations: silhouetted against moon she shows us her assertive, dramatic side. Her fire may temper the cool rationale of the King of Arrows.

Putting it all together, this week feels like a mental balancing act. We need to pay attention, but avoid becoming so distracted with one matter that others escape our notice (especially if those are tricky issues that we would do well not to ignore!). We may need to apply logic and clarity in our approach – but not too coldly. Decisions and actions require heart, too.

Have a good week and stay safe x

Tarot for the week ahead, 25.7.21

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

Hmm. Some tricky influences to navigate this week.

The Seven of Swords relates astrologically to Moon in Aquarius and oh look, we just had a full moon in Aquarius with next month’s set to land in the same sign. Meanwhile the Five of Wands relates to Leo, the current zodiac position. Leo is a fire sign and the Knight (aka King) of Wands is… fire of fire. It’s interesting how these weekly readings are really picking up on the monthly energy currents of late, pointing us to themes taking place over specific timelines, I think.

So, what to expect from the next seven days? The Seven of Swords can often represent deception, but there’s a reason it’s named Futility in this particular deck. It indicates fear and mental stuckness: you might think of it as a wallowing card. That feeling where doing something about an issue seems much harder than feeling sorry for ourselves for a while longer.

The Lord of Strife (!) meanwhile indicates quarrels, niggling resentments or sometimes inner conflict about whether we are doing the right thing. Lastly the Knight – well, he too is often related to doing the right thing, but sometimes all that fire lends him an impetuosity that might risk his decisions being too hasty.

So, this week we need to be on our guard around any difficult situations we find ourselves in. Where there is potential for conflict, drama, tempers to fray: think carefully. Don’t stew for too long and assume the victim role, but equally don’t rush in all guns blazing. Steady as you go.

Have a good week and stay safe x