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Tarot for the week ahead, 25.10.21

Ah, the Three of Swords, the card everyone loves to be afraid of. We’re not fond of difficult feelings, are we? But still they come, and if we are wise we’ll spend some time with them this week when they do. It feels like the thread linking these cards is evolution and rebirth. Judgement is […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 17.10.21

Is it acceptable to start a tarot reading with “oofff”…? Because wow, that’s quite a pull! We are squarely in relationship territory this week. You can see how the Devil and the Lovers are almost flipsides of each other. Where there is intimacy, trust and connection (mental or physical) there can too easily be a […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 10.10.21

Back from holiday to an interesting spread for the coming days! Let’s get the Tower out of the way first, shall we? This isn’t necessarily the cause for panic that people sometimes think it is. True, it usually signifies a bolt from the blue, a moment of external intervention beyond our control; but sometimes it […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 26.9.21

Ooh, this looks like quite a powerful week! This reading speaks strongly of insight. The Two of Wind – aka Swords – is a pause, a moment of calm and consideration before deciding what comes next. The Magus is our Will, our ability to move in the external world to make whatever it might be, […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 19.9.21

Look who’s back! I don’t think I’ve known a card recur like this any other time for as long as I’ve been doing these weekly readings. I guess we really are at the beginning of something significant just now. The thing is that beginnings are daunting, aren’t they? Trusting in the future, believing that we […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 12.9.21

No Fool today! Something quite different in store. This week is about finding middle ground: a careful, considered alchemy is required. The two Sword cards are perhaps the least challenging in a suit full of potentially difficult mental and emotional issues, and that’s certainly a welcome thing: but if we are wise, we will not […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 5.9.21

Ah. A fourth Fool in a row! Those who know me well will understand why I laughed as I turned these cards over. I always pull with a general weekly reading in mind: but sometimes the tarot sits me down, stares hard and bids me listen. It’s one of those weeks… The message is a […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 30.8.21

Well! Anything about this look familiar? For the third week running, the Fool, and the King of Wands also returns from last week. I’ve certainly considered the possibility that there is a message we are not fully taking on board (and I very much include myself in that ‘we’ – no reader is infallible!) in […]