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Tarot for the week ahead, 25.7.21

Hmm. Some tricky influences to navigate this week. The Seven of Swords relates astrologically to Moon in Aquarius and oh look, we just had a full moon in Aquarius with next month’s set to land in the same sign. Meanwhile the Five of Wands relates to Leo, the current zodiac position. Leo is a fire […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 18.7.21

Ah. Now this is a bit different from the last couple of weeks! The heavy emotional work, it seems, may be behind us for now. The Ten of Cups speaks to the conclusion of an emotional cycle and the chance to recognise our progress, celebrate our achievements in this area. It’s a happy card, one […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 11.7.21

There’s some really interesting emotional weather coming up these last couple of weeks. Cancer season doing what it does best! This week we have care of our physical selves at the centre of the message. The Queen of Pentacles embodies manifestation, pleasure, the full use of our senses: she knows the importance of taking care […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 4.7.21

Hmm. Relationships are our central theme this week. I don’t think I need to explain that part any further, do I? What needs more attention are the surrounding cards. Look at the Four of Vessels (aka Cups). Never mind how the elephant got up there: the question is, how is it going to get down […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 27.6.21

Here we are in Cancer season and here is its ruling card, the Chariot – wheeling in with another two Majors, the first time that’s happened for a while in a weekly reading. Big energy in the wake of the Solstice and the official start of summer. What should be on our minds these next […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 20.6.21

Summer Solstice yet here’s a moon card instead of a sun. Interesting. The waxing crescent moon period is often thought of as a time for beginnings, attraction, setting out new intentions to work on in the coming lunation. The Ace of Pentacles, too, is a card of opportunities or beginnings: at the head of the […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 13.6.21

Valour, intuition, curiosity. These are the things we should do our best to embody this week. To claim the things we have earned, we need to stand firm externally as we dig deeper internally. Listen to those little prompts and hunches, follow the trails that you stumble upon, ask questions. This is how we will […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 6.6.21

The Sun has been a frequent visitor in my daily card pulls of late. Anyone would think we were approaching the summer solstice… This week we are asked to draw both on its nourishing warmth and its light. The message: all will be well. The Four of Wands shows a meeting of complementary figures, balancing […]