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Tarot for the week ahead, 20.6.21

Summer Solstice yet here’s a moon card instead of a sun. Interesting. The waxing crescent moon period is often thought of as a time for beginnings, attraction, setting out new intentions to work on in the coming lunation. The Ace of Pentacles, too, is a card of opportunities or beginnings: at the head of the […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 13.6.21

Valour, intuition, curiosity. These are the things we should do our best to embody this week. To claim the things we have earned, we need to stand firm externally as we dig deeper internally. Listen to those little prompts and hunches, follow the trails that you stumble upon, ask questions. This is how we will […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 6.6.21

The Sun has been a frequent visitor in my daily card pulls of late. Anyone would think we were approaching the summer solstice… This week we are asked to draw both on its nourishing warmth and its light. The message: all will be well. The Four of Wands shows a meeting of complementary figures, balancing […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 31.5.21

I’ve had this deck for several months and yet I haven’t opened it, haven’t touched it, until now: I don’t know why. Somehow today seemed like the right time and I felt compelled to use it for the weekly reading. Looking at what it’s offered us, I can see why. Here is Death once again […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 23.5.21

Don’t mind Death. He turns up sometimes to clear out things that are no longer required – that great big scythe is pretty effective. This week, I think he is here to signal an end to some things that have been holding us back (the Eight of Swords). Often this card indicates a mental prison […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 16.5.21

A simple message for this week. There’s potential for things to get a bit heated – competitive, fractious, argumentative even (7 of Staffs aka Wands). If you feel this happening, step away for a while to give your mind a rest and collect yourself (4 of Swords): you don’t have to bite. Instead, aim for […]

Critical Care

It’s a sunny mid-July evening and my partner is breaking in to my mother’s house through her open bedroom window. As he swings himself up and eases lengthways through the narrow gap like a man posting himself through an oversized letterbox, not for the first time I am profoundly grateful for the differences between his […]

Tarot for the week ahead, 9.5.21

OK. This week is about grounding the mental within the material world. We start with the Sister of Wind (aka Page or Princess of Swords). Things may have been difficult, mentally, of late: there are those times, aren’t there, where everything feels like a battle? There has been so much change for us all to […]