Tarot for the week ahead, 16.1.23

Cards from the Symbolic Soul tarot

Traditions, groups and institutions exist in no small part to connect us with each other and a wider sense of community, as well as drawing our focus to our greater place in the universe, however we may define it. What resources we choose to expend on them, however, and more fundamentally even what credence we allow them, may vary according to our means – physical, psychological, material – at any given time. Sometimes we have a lot to give, sometimes we simply don’t and we need to draw inward, if only for a time, to conserve our energies. Self care can feel like a betrayal of our habits, traditions and commitments if we allow it, but in simple terms it is necessary to ensure we have something left to give.

And so, this week, be honest with yourself about what needs to go. Are you giving too much in any areas of your life because “I’ve always done it” or “it’s expected of me”? Do you worry about letting people down, yet know you can’t keep up with something that drains you physically, mentally or financially? It is OK to let things pass. Change is hard sometimes, but it’s necessary to allow the kind of die-back that precedes new growth. Ultimately when we allow change to happen, it has a knack of proving why it was needed. Trust in that process to give you what you need.

Have a good week and stay safe x