Tarot for the week ahead, 19.2.23

Cards from the Thoth tarot

There is a part of us that prioritises logic, intellect and clarity: the ability to apply razor-sharp thought to cut through obstacles in our way. Sometimes, even, to the extent of believing that we must be cold or unfeeling in order to see things as they truly are.

Then there is our earthy, touchy-feely self. The physical part of us that works on gut feeling, is deeply embodied, prioritises health and self-care. The part that, faced with a challenge, recognises that sometimes you put logic aside because what’s required is an all-encompassing bear hug.

It’s no surprise that these two facets sometimes feel like they’re in opposition to each other, but we contain multitudes, don’t we? Really the knack is in balancing these apparently opposing instincts, understanding that we need both – in varying proportions and at different times – to maintain our equilibrium. There is no one right way to achieve peace. We should keep that at the forefront of our minds this week.

Have a good week and stay safe x