Tarot for the week ahead, 1.8.21

Cards from the Wildwood tarot

Mmm, this one has made me think.

The Nine of Arrows is the Wildwood equivalent of the Nine of Swords, which is often a card about anxiety or obsessive thinking. It’s true that our lady here is lost in thought, playing her bow like an instrument while arrows fly past her. She encourages us, I think, to be mindful of what we give our attention to this week – there is value in close focus, but few of us can repel arrows purely by the strength of our concentration!

The King of Arrows also has lessons about focus. Kingfisher watches and waits for the right moment before diving for his catch. He is disciplined and discerning. He cuts to the heart of things in a flash.

The Queen of Bows (Wands in the conventional suits) on the other hand is commanding in other ways. Hare has magical associations: silhouetted against moon she shows us her assertive, dramatic side. Her fire may temper the cool rationale of the King of Arrows.

Putting it all together, this week feels like a mental balancing act. We need to pay attention, but avoid becoming so distracted with one matter that others escape our notice (especially if those are tricky issues that we would do well not to ignore!). We may need to apply logic and clarity in our approach – but not too coldly. Decisions and actions require heart, too.

Have a good week and stay safe x