Tarot for the week ahead, 25.7.21

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

Hmm. Some tricky influences to navigate this week.

The Seven of Swords relates astrologically to Moon in Aquarius and oh look, we just had a full moon in Aquarius with next month’s set to land in the same sign. Meanwhile the Five of Wands relates to Leo, the current zodiac position. Leo is a fire sign and the Knight (aka King) of Wands is… fire of fire. It’s interesting how these weekly readings are really picking up on the monthly energy currents of late, pointing us to themes taking place over specific timelines, I think.

So, what to expect from the next seven days? The Seven of Swords can often represent deception, but there’s a reason it’s named Futility in this particular deck. It indicates fear and mental stuckness: you might think of it as a wallowing card. That feeling where doing something about an issue seems much harder than feeling sorry for ourselves for a while longer.

The Lord of Strife (!) meanwhile indicates quarrels, niggling resentments or sometimes inner conflict about whether we are doing the right thing. Lastly the Knight – well, he too is often related to doing the right thing, but sometimes all that fire lends him an impetuosity that might risk his decisions being too hasty.

So, this week we need to be on our guard around any difficult situations we find ourselves in. Where there is potential for conflict, drama, tempers to fray: think carefully. Don’t stew for too long and assume the victim role, but equally don’t rush in all guns blazing. Steady as you go.

Have a good week and stay safe x