Tarot for the week ahead, 8.8.21

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot

A short, sweet and clear reading on the day of this month’s new moon.

Following on from last week’s mental balancing act, the Four of Cups speaks to the necessity of time out and contemplation. The dark moon is good time for this kind of work, and personally I find that I often go deeper into reflection around this time. It can be a good opportunity to pull out any thoughts or feelings that need examining or working through, and we may have found ourselves deep in thought this weekend.

And the results of any checking in that we have done, or are in the midst of? Use it to refocus. As the new moon waxes, be sure you are still clear on what you want and what you’re doing to get there. Adjust your plans, juggle your schedules if you need to, keep an eye on matters both spiritual and material. The Magician and Temperance are here to give an extra boost to our sense of balance in both spheres this week. Make the most of that energy!

Have a good week and stay safe x