Tarot for the week ahead, 18.7.21

Cards from the Commonplace Tarot

Ah. Now this is a bit different from the last couple of weeks!

The heavy emotional work, it seems, may be behind us for now. The Ten of Cups speaks to the conclusion of an emotional cycle and the chance to recognise our progress, celebrate our achievements in this area. It’s a happy card, one of fulfilment.

As with all cycles, however, endings are also beginnings and the Six of Swords tells us we are in transition. Leaving behind some heavy feelings and emotional processing (completed under that crescent moon) means it’s time to look ahead and consider where we’re going next.

The Two of Wands suggests that this week is the time to begin to form plans. The mage here is scrying to gain insight: he weighs up what is close at hand against the wider picture. So, too, might we decide to cast our eye beyond the immediate personal preoccupations of the last couple of weeks and look further outward. What’s on the horizon that may require some thought and preparation? Now is the time to decide.

Have a good week and stay safe x