Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

Ah! It’s a new moon in Cancer today and fittingly this is a more down-to-earth, practical kind of reading than the previous week’s. Disks and cups: doing, nurturing and feeling.

Disks (sometimes coins or pentacles) represent the earth element, the practical and material aspects of life. Many take this to refer to finances, and often this is true, but their remit extends to the wider material sphere; our health, our energy, the physical world around us. There’s a great blog post about the tarot Threes here in which Ginny Clayton talks about them in terms of a stool: you’d have trouble balancing on a two-legged version, but add a third and suddenly you have a strong, stable base to put your weight upon.

This is the place where we begin to crystallise an idea or project, to understand the shape it needs to take and therefore what to do in order to bring it to fruition. Threes bring energy to a situation. This week, start to put shape to the practical things you want to achieve in the new lunar month. Make plans.

The three of cups is also a dynamic card that speaks of social interaction, friendship, care and support. Astrologically it’s associated with Cancer… Did I mention it’s a Cancer new moon today? It’s often thought of as a Good Times card, and who doesn’t want to see that as a feature of their week? So, about those plans – who features in yours?

I don’t always read cards left to right in a three-card reading, and I’m seeing today’s spread as rather like an old-fashioned balancing scale, with the threes perfectly offsetting each other on either side and the Eight of Disks as the central supporting pillar. I think it offers a gentle note of advice, if not exactly caution.

To use another borrowed analogy, because apparently it’s that kind of day: my yoga teacher often says that you don’t try to prise open a flower bud with a screwdriver and expect the result to be a beautiful bloom. Some things require patience and work over time. Don’t let the buzzy energy of the threes tempt you to try and rush results, this week. Trust things to happen when they’re ready.

Have a good week and stay safe x