Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

This is one of those readings where you turn over the cards and go “oh… now that’s interesting.” Just look at all that feminine energy lining up. What’s all that about?

I’ll be honest – it’s another week where the cards are giving me a hard stare. There is a very obvious message here about the circumstances I currently find myself in; but again, I think elements of it are highly applicable to many of us at the moment.

These cards, I feel, are speaking to different aspects of one individual. The Empress is earthy, grounded, embodied, physical. The High Priestess is esoteric, highly intuitive, changeable; hers is the inner realm, that which often remains unspoken. In the centre, the fierce sharpness of the Queen of Swords’ insight and intellect is the mediator, the provider of clarity.

I can’t speak to the circumstances internationally, but where I am now, many businesses are beginning to reopen after the Covid-19 lockdown and there is a significant push for a return to something like normality. For many people, myself included, this is a challenge. The virus has not gone away by any means, and normal life will not be as we knew it. Some feel it is too soon for restrictions to have been eased, though some are eager to resume life as it was.

This is the challenge our reading speaks of: how to protect ourselves (and each other) physically, staying healthy while honouring the inner voices which in one ear say it’s OK, we can do this but in the other whisper no… not yet. We are surrounded by uncertainty and it is the Queen’s insight that will enable us to weigh up and make decisions as to what is best for both body and spirit. These are choices not to be rushed or taken lightly, for it does not befit a Queen to act in rashness. Take your time this week, think hard about what is best for you, and act accordingly.

Have a good week and stay safe x