Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

Sorry for the unplanned break last week! I was under the weather with a virus (thankfully, a test confirmed not the virus). Something like normal service is now resumed. Here goes, then…

It’s a reading where you turn over the cards and think ‘oh, it’s going to be one of those weeks, is it?’ Two hefty majors to get our attention. Things are shifting.

Tomorrow is the full moon, shortly before 5pm BST, and here she is over the shoulder of the High Priestess. To me, this speaks of a need to pay particular attention to our intuition, our inner voice, in the next couple of days. The High Priestess is a keeper of secrets. What is being whispered in your ear, if you stop to listen? What can the moonlight illuminate for you?

Judgement is a card I have always found particularly complex, but one of the messages that stands out most strongly for me when I see it is about timing. When the call comes, and only then, magic can occur . You might not be raising the dead this week, but whatever it is that the Priestess wants you to focus on from within may well be ready to find its external expression this week. Judgement says blocks can be removed, life can spring from decay: things are going to happen.

The seven of vessels (aka cups) is our reminder not to get sidetracked as we turn our inner knowledge into external manifestation. There will always be an array of options and choices in front of us, but we can only drink from one cup at a time. The knack is in choosing the vessel that best fits our needs. See the eye on the golden cup, and the eye in the angel’s cloud?

When you close your own eyes, listen carefully to your inner direction. Use that third eye to focus on whatever it is you need to see more clearly this week. When it becomes clear, you’re ready to make things happen.

Have a good week and stay safe x