Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

There are times when I pull cards intended for a universal weather report type reading and as soon as I look at them, I know that they are reading my mind and smirking at me. This, friends, is one of those times. But I’m not here to witter about what’s happening in my head, so what can I tell you about the next seven days in a more general sense?

Well, it’s a week for connection, according to the 3 of vessels (aka cups) and the Sun. We may not yet be venturing fully back into ‘normal life’ – whatever that means now – but we still need people, and many of us are craving the company and familiarity of those we care about. In whatever way we feel comfortable, we should seek it out this week. Talk to, or spend time with, friends; nurture relationships. Bask in the metaphorical warmth of the sun just a little. It’s OK to relax, in fact it’s necessary.

Why? Because the Queen of Swords’ blade is double-edged and razor sharp. Spend too much time thinking or looking inward and we run the risk of turning insight into conjecture, clarity into confusion. The mind is a powerful storyteller, but thoughts are not facts. If we take insufficient care to remember that it’s all too easy to walk ourselves down a hundred dead ends, wasting valuable mental energy that we could have put to better use. Like stepping away to connect with friends, for instance.

Have a good week and take care x