Tarot for the week ahead, 17.4.22

Cards from the Alchemical Tarot

Last week I talked about the inner voice: this week, the subconscious in particular is at the centre of our reading. Robert Place describes the fish as its messenger, and there is the Knight wading into the water – itself a metaphor for the unknown and unseen – vessel in hand, ready to bring back whatever is required from the depths. It must be said that his pose is pretty cocky, and the tarot knights are known to act rashly on occasion: perhaps he thinks he can simply swipe the fish and be on his way.

We might do well to be a little less brash about whatever inspiration or insight we need to dive in for this week. Flanking the Knight we have the Six of Coins, representing generosity, sharing and trust, and the Five of Staffs representing the flow of creative energy. Whatever is waiting in our unconscious requires openness, honesty and clarity to bring it to bear. We should watch carefully how we communicate and interact with others, making sure our behaviour stems from our authentic feelings.

Have a good week and stay safe x