Tarot for the week ahead, 10.4.22

Cards from the Wildwood tarot

Another three-Majors week! Oof.

I feel like I bang on a lot in these readings about the importance of intuition and learning how to listen to your inner voice… you know, the one that gives you those nagging little tugs at the elbow, says something is off here, or maybe you should do that thing you’re unsure about, or…? There’s a reason I bang on, of course – or should I say, there’s a reason the cards often see fit to remind us? It’s important, that voice, and in a noisy world that surrounds us with the distraction of endless voices and opinions – our own truths can get so muffled we don’t hear them clearly, if at all. So there it is at the centre of our reading. We need to be in reflective territory.

And the rest of the reading? We don’t authentically know ourselves unless we acknowledge every complex aspect of what makes each of us who we are. Wholeness, health and good fortune are inextricably linked with decay, temptation and challenge. Offensive behaviour can come from a place of deep vulnerability or old wounds: apparent saintliness can be deeply manipulative. Self-understanding requires us, as the Seer, not to romanticise what is reflected in the still pool holding our gaze. Let’s try to be honest with ourselves this week.

Have a good week and stay safe x