Tarot for the week ahead, 13.2.22

Cards from the Alchemical Tarot

Two hefty Majors for the week of the full moon… feels like a big shift coming.

I want to begin with the Ten of Coins though, which has a slightly different feel in this particular deck. Robert Place christens it the Miser, linking it with selfishness and holding tightly to resources. It feels, after two years of pandemic living and all that has entailed, as if many of us have been doing something along these lines: turning inward, holding a little tighter to what makes us feel secure, maybe out of fear.

That brings us neatly to the Devil, who here holds us – in all our faces and forms – captive, chained to the fiery scales of the dragon. This card invites us to consider what we feel bound to. In the context of the Ten, what unhealthy attachments, habits or patterns of thought are we clinging on too tightly to, in order to try to feel safe? What aspects of our fullest selves are being held back?

Judgement promises us a wake-up call in this respect, and a loud one at that (who could miss that enormous angelic trumpet?). It’s a card of revelation but also, clearly, of resurrection. Things we thought dead may be revived, things we thought ailing may be healed. It’s a card of hope, transformation and progress. Maybe it is here to tell us to hold on a little less tightly.

Have a good week and stay safe x