Tarot for the week ahead, 6.2.22

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

Quite a deep ask from the cards this week.

When the Three of Swords arrives we are very often in the territory of painful growth. It’s a card that speaks of sorrow – often born of conflict between heart and head – but also how fine the line is between our experience of agony and ecstasy. We are asked to weigh carefully the cost of opening ourselves to the whole glorious gamut of human experience, against the discomfort of the consequences when we willingly wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Flanking the High Priestess on the opposite side is the Three of Cups. In some ways we might view this as the opposite of the Three of Swords: collaborative, celebratory, nourishing, supportive, a testament to the positive power of friendship and connection.

So what of the Priestess herself, there at the centre? It feels like she is the mediator of a choice. To hold on to our sorrows alone, or to seek the support of those who lift us up? To hide from the risks of engaging fully with the world, or to choose company?

The thing about the High Priestess, however, is that she tends (I find) to show up in readings with a gentle rebuke: you know the answer to that question. Why are you asking the cards? She offers no glib solutions. Her realm is in stillness and silence. She is the open space in which you find your true self, if you look closely enough. So in this case, she counsels us to look within this week. If we are hurting, or torn between licking our wounds alone vs placing trust in others, our decisions should be reached in contemplation, not in haste.

Have a good week and stay safe x