Tarot for the week ahead, 19.12.21

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot

As we reach the Winter Solstice this week, here is a reminder of the cycles at work around us with the Waning Gibbous Moon (as it is right now and will be on the Solstice itself) at the centre of our reading.

Preceding the waning three-quarter moon we have the Three of Pentacles. What this tarot’s creators refer to as, er, a ‘stone totem’ is a symbol of the potential for creation and actualisation. Threes are a move towards making something happen, a foundation upon which to build: we are encouraged to consider the groundwork we have done prior to the Solstice for physical or material changes to come in the approaching new year. It’s possibly stretching the metaphor a bit, but think of how gardeners ‘put a garden to bed’ for the winter – as the days grow shorter they protect tender plants, tidy and make ready for the cold months. So it is, hopefully, with us.

What comes after the Solstice is the chance to enjoy the fruits of that groundwork. As the days begin to slowly lengthen again, we should be our own King Of Pentacles – a provider and skilful manager of resources. We may need to be careful with our energy to protect those resources, both physical and material – it is midwinter after all, and new challenges are not in short supply at the moment – but this King tells us we are capable of that. Spring will come and we will get there if we use our energy wisely in the meantime.

Have a good week and stay safe x