Tarot for the week ahead, 12.12.21

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

Oof. Some serious energy at work this week.

The Eight of Cups is lit by a solar eclipse, echoing the recent eclipse we saw on the new moon. It reminds us that the month began with a watershed, a need to leave behind what is no longer required. Have we, it asks, fully processed this in order to move onwards?

The Hanged Man and Two of Swords, meanwhile, tell us we are squarely moving into the territory of inner work as we approach the Solstice. They speak of considering our perspectives, of carefully examining what we see, how and why. Look at the reflection in the water on the Two and ask yourself – are the dark figures around her real, or imagined? What if the stillness she seeks in order to find clarity requires a radically different perspective, a turning on her head?

This week, consider how your own perspective needs to change. Are you operating on fact or feeling, and are you entirely sure which is which? Can you see both sides of the issues that are foremost for you at the moment? How will you find the place of stillness you need in order to know whether you are on the right path?

Have a good week and stay safe x