Tarot for the week ahead, 19.9.21

Cards from the Wildwood tarot

Look who’s back! I don’t think I’ve known a card recur like this any other time for as long as I’ve been doing these weekly readings. I guess we really are at the beginning of something significant just now.

The thing is that beginnings are daunting, aren’t they? Trusting in the future, believing that we have the power to turn the wheel in our favour – literally weaving our own fate. Interestingly, the Wildwood tarot explicitly identifies The Wheel with the autumnal equinox, coming up this Wednesday: I’ll let you decide for yourself if you think that’s a coincidence…

But, back to beginnings. When we embark on something new – committing to stepping out onto the rainbow – it’s natural to feel vulnerable. The Four of Stones feels like really quite a powerful message that we are protected in our endeavours: that even if we struggle to find our feet straight away, there will be a safe place for us to go to recharge when we need it.

Perhaps it’s the imminent full moon, but these cards resonated really strongly with me tonight and the ultimate message for me is – it might be challenging, but it will be OK.

Have a good week and stay safe x