Tarot for the week ahead, 12.9.21

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

No Fool today! Something quite different in store. This week is about finding middle ground: a careful, considered alchemy is required.

The two Sword cards are perhaps the least challenging in a suit full of potentially difficult mental and emotional issues, and that’s certainly a welcome thing: but if we are wise, we will not rely too heavily on the breathing space they signify. They should encourage us to use that space to think on the areas in our lives where balance is needed, because their respite – however propitious – is usually temporary. There is always something around the corner!

That’s where Art (or Temperance in many decks) comes in. It’s is something of a ‘coming together’ card – a sign of things falling into place – but not necessarily without our input. We can capitalise on its positive influence by employing a little subtlety. Look for those instances where a pinch of this, a little more of that, might smooth out the mixture: think about what’s liminal, in-betweenish, for you at the moment and look into that space more deeply to see how you might best navigate it.

It feels to me like there’s magic in this reading. A pause to recalibrate and a chance to conjure something quite special out of the stillness. Let’s see what emerges from the crucible…

Have a good week and stay safe x