Tarot for the week ahead, 30.8.21

Cards from the Field tarot

Well! Anything about this look familiar? For the third week running, the Fool, and the King of Wands also returns from last week.

I’ve certainly considered the possibility that there is a message we are not fully taking on board (and I very much include myself in that ‘we’ – no reader is infallible!) in connection with the energy those two cards presented last week. However, given that the Fool has reappeared for a third time here, I’m inclined to think we’re more likely looking at a pattern, an unfolding story as we move into the new phase that the Fool brings.

I’m also struck that for the second week in a row, our final card is a naked figure. I think we’re being prodded quite strongly to shed the metaphorical clothing that we don’t need any more. If we are protecting ourselves by hiding, dressing ourselves up in the ways we think others want to see us, then we are not really engaging with the vulnerability we may need to be in touch with at the moment.

I also wonder if this is why the Six of Wands has joined this week. To remind us that we’ve come to where we are on the back of our previous achievements: we’ve done well, we can remind ourselves that we’re extremely capable. We have it within us to shine. It’s the bravery to step into the new that we need to summon next.

Have a good week and stay safe x