Tarot for the week ahead, 22.8.21

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

Well. Here’s an interesting thing. Back in July we had the King of Wands show up immediately after the full moon to herald Leo season – and now here he is, immediately after another full moon, as Leo is about to give way to Virgo.

I think he’s here to invite us to look back over the past month and consider what we’re taking with us as the moon begins to wane (and what we’re leaving behind). Given that his fiery energy relates strongly to enthusiasm and passion – ask yourself what you have been doing to pursue your passions this last few weeks. Have you been decisive, charismatic, driven? Or has his shadow aspect reflected where you’ve been at? If so you may have been in self-destructive mood, looking for others to blame for issues or lack of progress.

Why does this matter? Because here is the Fool, for the second week running. The energy around us is still strongly aspected for beginnings or leaps of faith. This Fool, in her tattered clothes, shares with the King of Wands a willingness to go against the grain, stand out, defy convention. She acts in her own interest and invites us once more to be brave enough to do this too – but, as with the King, her shadow aspect warns against the blithe avoidance of personal responsibility. Adventure by all means, but be wary of using your passions as a means to ignore reality!

And the Star – well, I always do a happy sigh when this card arrives. It’s a joyful, expansive card, full of happiness and possibility. She is unselfconsciously naked, comfortable in her skin and connected to the world around her. If we can channel that Wand fire and the Fool’s fresh energy in positive ways this week, the Star promises us that good things will follow.

Have a good week and stay safe x