Tarot for the week ahead, 20.6.21

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot

Summer Solstice yet here’s a moon card instead of a sun. Interesting.

The waxing crescent moon period is often thought of as a time for beginnings, attraction, setting out new intentions to work on in the coming lunation. The Ace of Pentacles, too, is a card of opportunities or beginnings: at the head of the suit of earth, this signals a spark of something new in the material, physical sphere.

The Knight of Cups is a rather different creature. Creative, romantic – a little wild, even – and immersed in deep feeling, he is also strongly associated with desire. That, of course, can be anything the heart wants deeply – not necessarily just another person!

So, we seem to have before us an opportunity to transform a heartfelt desire or longing into a more tangible reality. We should be alert for signs that we can seize our chances this week and take the first steps in this process, in expectation of things developing further in a few weeks with the onset of the next waxing crescent phase (around mid-July).

Have a good week and stay safe x