Tarot for the week ahead, 4.4.21

Cards from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot

Ooh OK… a three Majors kind of a week. That’s a sit up and pay attention spread!

Look carefully at our horned figures at either side. We have the Emperor – logical, rational leader, proponent of order and ethics – on the one. On the other, our old friend the Devil: a slightly less straightforward character. I tend to view the Devil as dealing with our instinctual, animal selves and how well we are able to integrate those parts of us into our whole person. Are we honest about our basic needs, our desires, our darker impulses? Do we deal with them in a healthy way? Do we have hang-ups, fears and inhibitions or do we go too far in the other direction?

Either side of the Star, then, we have the logical vs. the primal. Now look at what she’s doing in the centre. See how she pours her vessels in a kind of circular motion, connecting the land and the water (the material and the spiritual, in metaphorical terms). She bridges the gap between two states of being, and she does so while shining a light of hope and encouragement.

So. This week, we may struggle with the balance between order and chaos. We may feel we should act in one way, whilst our inner voices tell us what we actually want or need is entirely different. But the Star offers us balance: she tells us to maintain our faith, and to keep going. When she shows herself, things are going to be OK. We just need to remember that.

Have a good week and stay safe x