Tarot for the week ahead, 29.3.21

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

This feels like a week about resources: mental, practical, emotional.

The Ace of Swords urges us to part the clouds and see clearly. Maybe there are new insights and ideas, or maybe we will just get out of our own way for long enough that the things right in front of us will begin to make sense?

The Nine of Coins (aka Discs/Pentacles) always feels to me like such a lovely, grounded card in this deck. Here is a tree that is healthy, mature and ‘fruiting’ generously. Fruit like this does not come on demand – we have to nurture it, wait for our patience to pay off – but its generosity is worth the wait.

The Ten of Vessels (aka Cups) is distillation: it is about connectedness, “the many connected to the one” as Place puts it. It is the emotional payoff from being brave enough to trust in the process of connection: the way individual vessels create something new together. It’s not without risks and unpredictability, but perhaps this week we need reminding that it’s a risk that can pay off.

Two cards, then, full of the practical and emotional harvest we can expect from trust and patience: and one that tells us new ideas or insights will result. Should be an interesting few days!

Have a good week and stay safe x