Tarot for the week ahead, 3.1.21

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

Happy New Year – I sincerely hope it will be a better one for us all.

This first draw of 2021 is one of those readings where I feel like the deck is doing a gimlet stare at me… shuffles in seat and coughs nervously… OK then, shall we go on?

In the week many people return to some form of work after the Christmas holiday, I may have smiled wryly at the little nod to 9-5 from these cards. Perhaps they could best be summed up as a reminder to watch our work/life balance.

Robert Place’s take on the 5 of Staffs (aka Wands) in this deck is quite particular and concerns the flow of creative energy, while the two Nines relate respectively to health, prosperity & wellbeing (Coins aka Pentacles) and – again, according to Place – ‘experience, confidence, perspective’ (Vessels aka Cups). The 9 of Cups in general is often referred to as the ‘wish card’ and can deal with our heart’s desire, so it’s interesting to link that with Place’s interpretation and think about how our confidence can increase when we are able to get the things we dearly want.

So, we’re looking at a suggestion that this week we consider how to marry our deeply-held wishes and creative urges with our health, wellbeing and security. If you’re returning to work, look after yourself, and if you’re considering changes professionally and personally at the moment, think carefully about how you can achieve fulfilment through the things you do.

Have a good week and stay safe x