Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Pamela & Joyce Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit

I know what you’re thinking…

But just give it a moment. I think that’s always wise when the Tower shows up, because it’s too easy to panic, but do we really need to?

During this year of all years, we’ve been reminded that life is full of Tower moments. What we’re seeing here, I think, is an invitation to think about the last twelve months in light of all that’s happened. The Four of Fire (aka Wands) gives us a natural pause, a sense that the year as a phase of our development is complete, but naturally it is by no means the end of our progress.

What comes next is a chance to choose to make the break from any old structures and ways of thinking or being that no longer serve us – bearing in mind that, with the Tower, if we don’t do this voluntarily, life will find a way of making it happen whether we are ready or not!

And our wise companion the High Priestess appears once more to remind us that whatever is to come, however unsettling change may feel, we hold the answers within us. We just have to listen for them.

I think that’s a good reminder on which to end the year, don’t you?

Have a good week and stay safe x