Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Joyce & Pamela Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit

Mmm OK! This has given me something to think about.

Faith is firmly at the centre of things this week. Plenty of symbolism in this reading to that effect, some obvious, some a little less so. (Confession – I spent a good couple of minutes thinking about ‘faith’ before properly registering that it was the title of the Six right in front of me. That’s a message alright!)

I don’t actually think it’s necessary to interpret faith in a religious context here: I feel this is as much about faith in ourselves, in the inner voice that guides us – we are largely in Wind/Swords territory, after all. How many of us are feeling confident in that inner knowing, though, with the world as it is right now? The message seems to be that we should – that we must – this week.

The Six of Water (aka Cups) connects us to an energy less encumbered by the mental boxes we fold ourselves into (the Eight of Wind). Not exactly childlike, but open and willing. The ability to feel, to engage receptively, to play even, without fear. There’s often a sharp intake of breath associated with the Ten of Wind, but I like the way it is described it in this deck: “… you feel as if your spirit is rising on the winds of change.” Let’s try to keep an open heart to change over the next few days.

Have a good week and stay safe x