Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Robert M Place’s Alchemical Tarot

OK, so… everyone is either naked or in armour this week?

I was going to say ‘just kidding’ but actually I think there’s something in that. We’re well over 6 months into These Unprecedented Times™ and people are really feeling it. Some are battling on, some are feeling more vulnerable and exposed: many of us are doing both, depending on what day it is. We should remember that when we deal with others this week.

In terms of the cards themselves, this chimes with the Knight of Swords taking centre stage. He’s someone who is sharp, quick, intelligent – but he can be apt to conceal it behind all that armour. Consider what lies underneath the defences of those you come into contact with over the coming days.

If you seek to connect with others in spite of their defence mechanisms, then the highly positive cards either side of the Knight suggest that this is a good week to achieve that. I don’t really need to explain the Sun to you, do I? Just remember how good that warmth feels on your skin, notice how those two are looking at each other, and – you’ve got it.

As for the Magician, perhaps his is a slightly less vulnerable kind of nakedness. He is Hermes, the winged messenger, sometimes the trickster. He too is sharp and cunning: his nudity, I think, is a challenge to us. Here I am, unafraid. Now what? He is a sure-footed master of his will, and bids us to do the same – to step up and be bold.

Boldness and tender warmth are quite a combination. Perhaps we can try for a little of both this week and see where it takes us.

Have a good week and stay safe x