Tarot for the week ahead, 31.7. 22

Cards from the Wild Unknown tarot

The moon is waxing again and this week’s reading speaks of growth and looking outward. We are urged to spend time envisioning the future we want and how we plan to put our will into action to achieve it. Nothing too unusual about that, you might say: it’s how we make progress all the time. And that’s true, but we don’t always take time to stop and look around, review, think about where we’re at, remind ourselves of what skills we’ve used to get there.

Often, that’s because we get ourselves clogged up in other things – the demands society places on us, the less healthy habits and materialistic urges to compete that can hold us back and take our eyes off the real prize. This reading says that the start of the new month is a good moment for reflection on the negativity or unhealthy attachments we might be contending with. If we find that they’re standing in our way, it’s time to place our own will firmly back at the centre of our plans.

Have a good week and stay safe x