Tarot for the week ahead, 12.6.22

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

We have a full moon coming up on Tuesday this week: always something of a watershed moment. These cards speak of personal agency and responsibility as a key theme for the surrounding days.

We can, sometimes, be our own worst enemies. We convince ourselves that we are stuck, unable to free ourselves from tricky situations or relationships. We tell ourselves that our problems are intractable, far too large to begin to tackle. Maybe at times we even thrive on the drama of it all, whether or not we like to admit it to ourselves or anyone else.

We assign too much weight to external factors, telling ourselves that we are the passive victims of circumstance and fate. The wheel turns, and either we decide that all that we can do is accept whatever comes around with it; or, sometimes, we tell ourselves that what’s coming around the corner will fix everything, will finally be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for or the answer to our difficulties. So, of course, we do nothing while we wait for this magical moment to arrive. The present is lost to us as a consequence.

The answer to helping us move away from being the passive observers of our own lives is knowledge – specifically, self-knowledge. This week, examine your belief systems about your life and whether they serve you. Are you living the life you want, or the one you think others expect of you? Have you learnt to view your own capabilities through the lens of others, or from your own experiences? Think about what might happen if you saw your life from a different perspective. How might things change if you did? What might you regain control of? Knowledge is power.

Have a good week and stay safe x