Tarot for the week ahead, 8.5.22

Cards from the Crow tarot

This week I’m drawn to the Two of Swords at the centre of the reading. You know how sometimes situations are described as being ‘on a knife edge’? It’s not just because of the potential of a nasty cut: the thing with a sword specifically is that it could go either way. Both of those edges are pretty sharp. So, sometimes we find ourselves balanced precariously on a dilemma, reluctant to commit in either direction.

What’s interesting here is that the Four of Wands suggests that the cause of our indecision is something that once seemed certain: it’s a card of stability, commitment, partnership. Things that we thought we could rely on, until we found ourselves blindfolded and unsure, but also things we might have been unwilling to let go of owing to their familiarity.

It’s the Three of Wands that gives us our way out of the tricky position in the centre. Out over the water there’s a star of hope and the promise of something not yet fully understood in the distance – but something we can see, and maybe long for. A place we can make plans to visit to discover more about what lies over there. This isn’t necessarily a ‘grass is greener’ situation: more an invitation to branch out, test our wings a little, see what’s out there. We don’t have to make a permanent move: an exploratory visit to new territory is just fine for now. Let’s see what’s out there.

Have a good week and stay safe x