Tarot for the week ahead, 31.10.21

Cards from the Dark Wood tarot

Well, what else would I read with on Halloween but the Dark Wood?

This week is about the necessity of self-care (and care for others) to making progress, which carries through nicely from last week’s very introspective, emotional reading. Here is the Queen of Pentacles – sensual, embodied, representing the manifestation of all things physical – to remind us to fully embrace what our senses tell us, to nurture ourselves and others, to cultivate pleasure.

We need to be thriving physically in order to pursue the Three of Wands’ call to action. What is it we want? What are our desires, the things we feel in our blood? They are within reach when this Three appears: it shows us that we can begin to make them happen.

The Four of Swords however – particularly in this deck – brings a qualification. We may have paused for rest, but we need to be prepared for how our narratives may change as things progress. Look at the woman here. Is she really sleeping, sword held ready? Does the man arrive with a kiss or a threat? How will things play out when we begin to channel that Wand energy towards achieving our desires?

It’s quite a charged reading, looking closely at the cards, isn’t it? The sensual Queen, the eroticism of the vampire, the tension of the scene in the Four of Swords. Whichever areas of our lives we focus our attention on this week, they should be those which make our hearts beat that little bit faster, I think. The things that make life worth living.

Have a good week and stay safe x