Tarot for the week ahead, 17.10.21

Cards from Nell Latimer’s Commonplace Tarot

Is it acceptable to start a tarot reading with “oofff”…? Because wow, that’s quite a pull!

We are squarely in relationship territory this week. You can see how the Devil and the Lovers are almost flipsides of each other. Where there is intimacy, trust and connection (mental or physical) there can too easily be a slide into obsession, fear and co-dependency if we do not acknowledge the reality of our basic needs.

I think the World, firmly in the centre of these extremes, has two messages for us. In a literal, visual sense it tells us not to allow the darkest aspects of the Devil’s realm to become our universe. We cannot function effectively if we are tied up in fear and shame.

Secondly, the World is a sign of a new phase, often heralding the fulfilment and success achieved in the one coming to an end. Reading left to right, we have a clear sign that if we can learn the lessons of the Devil and release ourselves from unhealthy forms of attachment, a more fulfilling period in our close relationships will follow. It’s a powerful reading, but I think a hopeful one.

Have a good week and stay safe x