Tarot for the week ahead, 25.4.21

Cards from the Field tarot by Hannah Fofana

A new deck to me, this, and what a lineup for its first weekly reading!

There is movement at the centre of things this coming week. The Eight of Wands is also sometimes known as Swiftness: here in all its colour and brightness it feels very much like a sign that things are going to start to become unstuck, which will be welcome to any of us waiting on news of someone or something.

Either side of this movement lies encouragement, I think. The Priestess reminds us of our inner reserves of wisdom, of knowing (even – or especially – when we feel quite the opposite). Fortune meanwhile… well, the turning wheel of life can sometimes feel like it’s going too fast, sure. But look at the balance here, and those cats, especially the black one. This time I feel like maybe luck is with us. Here’s hoping.

Have a good week and stay safe x