Tarot for the week ahead, 28.2.21

Cards from the Crowley/Harris Thoth tarot

It’s a very blue, green and gold week we have in store, apparently! I always think it’s worth noting when a reading presents this kind of colour theme – it speaks to me of consistency, a firmness of purpose and message. So what message, then?

We begin with the suits of Swords and Cups, both of which are concerned with the internal realm and, respectively, the areas of thought and feeling. We have cards which, again respectively, initiate and complete each suit. The Ace brings us clarity and inspiration: I tend to think of it as the ‘cuts through the crap’ card. The Knight (aka King) of Cups can be a romantic, changeable character, as befits his watery realm, but he speaks to us of ideas concerning emotional matters. So… it’s a week for thinking, and sorting out how we feel about new ideas or information.

And what of the Magus? He is Hermes/Mercury, the winged messenger – yep, there’s that new information again. He is rather more concerned with the external over the internal world, but as card 1 in the Major Arcana he too is an initiatory force, a figure who speaks of manifestation and the force of will. So whatever is on its way, don’t just sit around thinking about it. This is a week to turn thoughts and feelings into action – and to bear in mind Hermes is also known as a trickster, so keep your wits about you when new things come to light!

Have a good week and stay safe x