Tarot for the week ahead, 7.2.21

Cards from Pamela & Joyce Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit

There are those who will see the Three of Wind (aka Swords) and The Moon in a reading and suck in a sharp breath through their teeth. I’ll admit I’ve certainly struggled with this Three in the past myself, while I was becoming acquainted with tarot. These days, however, I try not to jump to the obvious (and sometimes incorrect) ouch conclusion.

What are we looking at here, then? Two major arcana cards is pretty big energy for the week. Larger currents are at work, things are moving, changing. The Moon tells us that we can’t yet see the path ahead clearly, or focus on where our feet meet the ground in the darkness. The clouds will obscure her light and we will have to rely on our other senses to keep moving.

The Hermit, sat between the other cards, is reinforcing that message by reminding us quite literally to centre ourselves. It is so noisy outside, there are so many external stimuli, demands, conflicts trying to grab our attention. If we ignore these and head off to our (metaphorical) cave in the wilds for a while, and just listen quietly in the silence – what does our inner voice tell us? What do we learn if we allow that voice space and time?

And the Three of Wind… well, yes, there has been pain this last twelve months, hasn’t there? We all know it. I really like the way this card avoids the traditional pierced heart motif that we often dread seeing. Recognition. Pamela Eakins says “you have seen so much and you sometimes wish you hadn’t.” That hits home in Covid times.

I’ve worked backwards today, but now to draw all of that together. We’ve all taken the mental hit of 12 months in a pandemic. This week, we are encouraged to recognise and understand how that experience has touched us, changed us, affected what our future looks like. Those answers are within us and it will benefit us not to block them out but to spend a little time getting our thoughts straight about it all. That’s not to say it will make the future certain, or straightforward: but if we sharpen up our awareness it equips us better to walk the path in spite of the shadows.

Have a good week and stay safe x