Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Pamela & Joyce Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit

Oh, now this is interesting.

These cards speak clearly of some personal change in the air for many of us this week. The Four of Fire (aka Wands) shows a point of completion, a phase coming to fruition – but this is a staging point, not a definitive ending.

The Seven of Wind (aka Swords) suggests that the way forward from that staging point is yet to become clear. There is confusion – misdirection even – from multiple voices or possible points of view. We should be cautious about who we choose to listen to.

Ultimately, the answer lies with the Hermit: in other words, within us. Retreat from the conflict of opinion and the noise until you find sufficient stillness to hear your own voice telling you what must be done. That’s what you need to hear.

Have a good week and stay safe x