Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Grace Duong’s Mystic Mondays tarot

A change of deck this week, because this one nudged me as I went to reach for one of the others. I love the striking colour of this deck.

It’s a pretty spicy week we’ve got coming, by the looks of it. The Seven and Six of Wands: standing firm with the success you’ve achieved. That power pose in the seven! Wands are fire, inspiration, creativity, passion. Keep those things that light you up at the forefront of your mind this week. Hold your ground.

Why? Because the Ace of Pentacles is here to begin to earth that lightning, to shape and solidify it into reality. It’s a start, of course, but what a start: an inrush of new energy, shiver of anticipation, the thrill of potential. We like that, don’t we?

Have a good week and stay safe x