Tarot for the week ahead

I thought I’d start doing a short weekly reading on here, as a general look ahead.

However, as this weekend was the Summer Solstice, first I pulled a couple of cards thinking about the period flanked by the longest and shortest days; what’s in store for us between now and the Winter Solstice?

6 of Cups from the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck: the Hierophant from the Robert Place Alchemical Tarot

Well, that’s an interesting contrast. The 6 of Cups is about beauty, pleasure, indulgence almost – although in many decks it also carries a connotation of nostalgia and dwelling on the past. The Hierophant, on the other hand, speaks of order, tradition and our place in communities. Here we have a tension between doing what feels good, the things we think of with fondness, and what we feel (or what we think others expect) we ought to do. How apt as many people’s lives – mine included – have been upended by the events of the year so far, and our expectations of the future may be far less clear than previously. ‘May you live in interesting times’, as the proverb goes.

Now to the coming week.

Cards from the Robert Place Alchemical Tarot

Wow, that’s a lot of energy rushing at us for the week. The wheel keeps turning – the Solstice begins the diminishing of the light towards the darker half of the year, and a new moon cycle begins today. Endings and beginnings surround us, the push and pull of competing elements, the need to find balance to reach our goals and not to get caught beneath the wheel as it turns. We may need to be forceful this week, strap on our armour and slay some metaphorical dragons where they are keeping us from reaching where we need to be. The good news is that the World suggests we’ll get there.

Have a good week and stay safe, all.