Tarot for the week ahead

Cards from Joyce & Pamela Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit

OK. Let’s get the really obvious interpretation of this spread out of the way, shall we? – it’s going to be another hot week in the UK. Don’t get sunburnt and stay hydrated, folks!

Right, now to the more nuanced stuff…

This is a really warm reading in more ways than one. There’s a lovely energy whenever the Sun arrives in a spread: in the booklet accompanying this deck, Pamela Eakins suggests that it signifies “your own garden is as lovely as could be.” It’s a card of realisation, of union, of things falling into place as they need to.

Fire Father (aka King of Wands) suggests that this concerns things that we’ve been working towards with some energy and conviction – passion projects, or the things that motivate us.

Water Sister (aka Page of Cups) might seem at odds with these two fiery cards, but in actual fact she is a reminder that in order for our passions to continue to succeed, we need to remain tuned in to our dreams and intuitions, both to keep us on the right path and to cool down any excess fire should the Fire Father’s energy and drive become too singular and in danger of burnout.

In summary, then – it’s a good week to see progress towards the things we care about, that we are hungry for. There’s no need to charge towards them to maintain the momentum; just keep listening to that inner voice and remembering the dreams that started it all.

Have a good week and stay safe x