Well, then.

I’m late to blogging. Do people do this any more? Never mind. I’m here and so are you, so let’s make the most of it.

Why now?

Over the last few years I’ve grown more confident in pursuing things that mean something to me. Life is short, and there is little point in any of it if you spend time doing only what you think you should, not what you actually want to. What that’s resulted in apart from my professional life is teaching myself to read tarot; taking photographs; and most recently, writing. I have plenty left to learn about all of them.

I’ve shared some of my work on social media as I’ve gone along, but lately I’ve felt a little bit what next… what if? about it all. People have said extremely kind things about what I’ve shared. I’ve written, photographed, read tarot largely for pleasure, and I get a lot out of it, but I’m often very quick to play it down. Oh, that? It was nothing, really.

Except maybe it is something. Maybe a place to say “this is what I do, take a look” isn’t so far fetched.

So I made a website with a blog, and the plan is that there’s very little plan except to share what I do with you and see where it goes from here. It’s a seedling for now, but it’ll grow. Welcome, and thanks for coming.